Platinum Jackpot Nets Teenager £238,000

A 19-year-old sales consultant from Wombwell plans to buy herself a house after winning £238,000 on the National Bingo Game’s Platinum Jackpot play-off.

Lisa Mitchell is also planning to give two thirds of it away – to her boy-friend’s mother and his sister – and says the money will be life changing for all of them.

“They started me off playing online bingo a year ago, as soon as I was old enough legally,” she said. “We play regularly at least once a week and always share whatever any of us wins. Our previous best was £1,300 in three wins one weekend.”

“There is so much we can all do now that we have this money,” said Lisa. “We were limited before but now we can buy a house and do it up how we want and still be able to have holidays.”

Lisa’s winnings, amounting £238,109, was made up of the Platinum Jackpot prize of £222,626, the Sunday afternoon National Game prize of £13,980, the Zone prize of £1,109 and the Club/house prize of £394.

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