Search engines get tough on Internet gambling

New Media Age recently reported that the search engine giant Google has refused to review its ban on gambling paid-search ads following new advertising that sidesteps the company’s strict legislation.

The statement comes on the heels of a smart but legitimate circumvention of the rules in the UK by Sky, which this week launched a search campaign that directs users to a Sky Poker-branded page streaming footage from the Sky Poker TV channel.

Although the ad complies with Google regulations, such as not linking to a site where a user can bet with actual money, the link does show real people gambling with real money.

Apparently taking the same restrictive route despite its own entry into the UK poker sector, Yahoo! Search Marketing has apparently told advertisers that it will no longer accept “advertisements that contain invitations to play, any mention of money (eg. 1,000 jackpot), or any offers or incentives to take part in gaming (eg. bonus or benefit).”

Advertisers were advised: “Existing advertisements are currently being reviewed for compliance and we expect this process to be complete by mid June. If your advertisement is found to be non-compliant you will be notified by email and it will be suspended until the necessary changes are made.”

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