Second Gigantic Win at Premier Bingo

A second huge jackpot has just been won at Premier Bingo.

The first was won on April 13th by Linda57 ($9477.59) and the second on April 17th by pcwhiskeygirl.

Shortly after winning the dazzling $9,215.66 on the progressive bingo jackpot at Premier Bingo we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “pcwhiskeygirl” for a quick chat.

Its always an exciting occasion to win a huge JP and this time was no different: “I was in total shock and still am. This is the second JP I have won on this site, but I never imagined I would win one of this size. I have never found a site that is better than this one, and believe me I have played my fair share. This site has always been fair and helpful to me.”

With her winnings she was happy to say: “I plan on buying a horse that I have been wanting for some time now with a portion of my winnings and of course my son and daughter, and yes my hubby, have made out their list. I want to thank this site for being so helpful.″

When it comes to choosing an online bingo site to play “pcwhiskeygirl” had this to say about Premier Bingo: “You have always answered my questions quickly and I have never had any problems with cashouts. You have always been fast and accurate and that is what keeps me coming back!!! Keep up the good work!!!”

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