Shocked Woman Wins Huge Progressive Bingo Jackpot

The progressive bingo jackpot at Bingo Gala has been building up for 3 months and finally last Friday, March 6 a woman from Florida was lucky enough to win $11,195.32.

This is what she had to say about her massive win: “I was in shock when I first realize it. I started shaking and then I started to cry.”

The player who goes under the nickname “foxymays1” has been a member at Bingo Gala for the last 7 years and she was quick to point out: “I like Bingo Gala because I like playing from the comfort of my home and being able to play when I want to.”

She concluded this interview by saying: “I plan to use my winnings to pay off my mortgage and of course keep playing at Bingo Gala.”

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