Slots Win For Main Street Bingo

After winning an amazing $1,080.00 at Slots on Main Street Bingo we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed ” sucker punched” for a quick chat.

Being one of the usual suspects on the popular online bingo room Main Street Bingo every win is very special: “WOW. I’ve had quite a few amazing wins, but each still surprises me and makes me feel excited. I am always pulling a tab or spinning a slot. I look forward to any win it will give me.”

With her winnings she pointed out: “Even though I didn’t expect to win an amount of this size, I am always happy no matter what I win. I plan on putting the money right back into Main Street Bingo. That’s where it always goes.″

“sucker punched″ concluded by saying: “Anyone can win, just be patient. Main Street Bingo is a fun place to be. I am addicted.”

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