"Stop Destroying My Bingo" Campaign Launched

The UK Bingo Association is preparing a campaign entitled “Stop Destroying My Bingo”, with a heading stating “What you and Britain’s Bingo players need to know”. A seemingly desperate attempt tries to get the estimated 3 million regular bingo players in England and Wales to sign a petition urging the Government to safeguard the future of the game.

The Association claims that ‘the Government fails to realise exactly how, little by little, it is destroying online bingo. Bingo is being treated unfairly in a number of ways by the Government.’ that bingo clubs are not getting a fair deal under the current tax laws and the upcoming smoking ban would result in a massive downturn for the industry.

A Bingo Association spokesman said: “As many as 200 clubs are under threat of closure and unless the Government takes steps to address the policies unfairly affecting bingo, businesses will close, jobs will be lost and communities will lose a key social facility.”

The spokesperson added that the organisation had been forced to act because the smoking ban, as well as the new gambling laws that come into force later this year, threaten its long-term future.

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