Swear at ‘Fred’ the Bingo Gala mascot for UK bingo jackpot joy!

Online bingo players often keep a lucky mascot nearby their computer when playing the games. Others however, prefer to trust to the luck of the game’s own mascot.

One British player, a lady known as mmarymm, from Bournemouth, UK admits to swearing at Fred, Bingo Gala’s very own mascot. It seems this may not be such a bad thing, so long as the children are out of ear-shot. Mmarymm recently hit her second progressive bingo jackpot at Bingo Gala, winning $2,150.82!

Mmarymm said “I was playing on the ‘Crazy Borders’ pattern. I saw I needed 66, and saw 65 come out, with one number to go. I said to myself ’65’ then ‘66’ yeah as if, and there it was, 66!!”.

Mmarymm has been playing on Bingo Gala since 2003, and this is her second jackpot win. “I love Bingo Gala because of the CM’s and the roomies, though I miss our US friends so much. If I’m really poor, I set my alarm for scrambles and play through the morning, cos I can usually get a few BBs to play with”.

For the uninitiated, Scrambles, or Word Scramble is a regular chat game played on Bingo Gala daily, where the CM (Chat Master) will give you a scrambled word and a clue. If you are the first player to guess what it is, you win BBs (Bonus Bucks). There’s a whole lot more to Bingo Gala than just bingo!

The big question is; ‘What will mmarymm do with her winnings?’ “My daughter is starring in a show in Majorca for the summer and I had planned to book a ‘bed and breakfast’ to go stay and see the show for a week, but now I’m gonna book a good hotel! I’m also going to get a new laptop because the kb on this one is shot, and provides far too much entertainment in chat with typos!”

But do Bingo Gala winners come back and continue to play after winning two jackpots?
“Of course I intend to stay here!” says mmarymm, “And my message to others who dream of a JP is just keep playing. It isn’t lots of cards that win a JP. I was only playing 23”.

Bingo Gala will be adding a 90-ball bingo hall in its next software upgrade due to be released later this month. This is sure to attract more UK players just like mmarymm.
If you want to try your luck, join in the fun of the chat games, or even just have a swear at Fred, then go to www.bingogala.com

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