The Bingo World Championship 2007

The Bingo World Championship 2007 event took place on 15 th April, 2007. Sponsored for the 6th consecutive year by Bingo Entertainment NV, this is one of the most highly anticipated events in online bingo. Only matched by the Bingo Cruise annual event, of which Bingo Entertainment are platinum sponsors.

At 8pm EST, 120 online bingo players from all areas of the world, who had won qualifying heats on the Bingo Entertainment sites, gathered for this great event. CM Michelle was kept busy in chat with the players, answering any questions they had, and scattering lucky dust. There was a flurry of gl’s sent over chat (gl means good luck), as the major event of the year got under way.

Consisting of 23 bingo games, all 120 players would participate in each game, there would be no eliminations. The first 10 games had a prize of $100, and the winner would be the first to get any straight line. The next 5 games had a prize of $200, again for any straight line.

Then it was time for players favourite, the blackout! 4 games for $300, then it goes up to $400 for the next two games. The penultimate game had a prize of $1000, and then the grand final held a prize of $5000.

So how did the players fare? Game one for $100 was won by Trudy_bm. The next 4 games saw players Hogge, Mini36, Laluna_mq, and Nazanin, each take $100 prize. Reba2706 and Cilla_pr hit a straight line on the very same number in game 6, so the prize is split. The chat was still buzzing, and there was an endless stream of wtg’s whizzing up the chat screen (wtg means way to go), and more lucky dust from CM Michelle.

Game 7 went to Celebrian, but then in game 8 players Eje428 and bubies got a straight line on the same number, another shared prize, but there are no bad feelings in this game, everyone is friendly and happy for other’s wins.

Games 9 to 15 were won by bingodilla, jewel2_bm, hogge, ornurse_bm, blaze_ms, bibber_em, and prubrat.

By now the excitement is at fever pitch. Its time for blackouts! Winning $300 on the next games were Trudy_bm the winner of the first game, bingodilla who won game 9, slyna_ms, and then its bingo bingo bingo bingo as 4 players get a blackout on the same number. Sugarnet, Reba, Bingomasa, and jewel2_bm all split the prize, and wtg!

Its not only the excitement that is rising, the prizes are too, the next 2 games are for $400! Prubrat takes the first, and then shakev and sterling split the next. Now the penultimate game for $1000. Sayrd gets the blackout, but in more ways then one, as her electricity fails during a storm, at this precise moment she does not see the wtg’s from the other players, nor does she know that she has just won $1000, but she’ll be back.

The final, 120 players, all hoping to get that grand prize of $5000, as well as the esteem of becoming the Bingo World Champion 2007. More lucky dust from CM Michelle, gl’s flying off the screen, could this be the cause of Sayrd’s storm, and resulting power failure?!

As all eyes are on the final game, some players clutching on to lucky mascots, others being egged on by family, the final ball is called, and 2 players get a bingo and share $5000! Ornurse_bm and squamish are the joint Bingo World Champions 2007. WTG!

Bingo Entertainment were once again very proud to sponsor such a prestigious online event. Watch out for news on forthcoming events on Thanks to all players for participating and making it such an exciting and amazing event.

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