UK Gambling Commission receive over 2000 licence applications

A recent report on the Gambling Commission website stated;
Applications for operating licences flooded in to the Gambling Commission during the final week before the continuation rights deadline on 27 April.  2,357 licence applications were received which the Commission estimate covers the vast majority of those entitled to continuation rights.

Licensing staff worked all through the weekend to register the applications.  Those that met the deadline are still being processed and are guaranteed continuation rights.

“We are pleased that the vast majority of gambling operators have got the message about the deadline for guaranteed continuation rights,” said Hazel Canter, the Commission’s Director of Licensing, and Compliance.
“Continuation rights mean existing businesses that sent their application in before 27 April can continue to run their businesses without interruption after 1 September 2007, even if their operating licence has not been determined by the Commission.

  Not all existing businesses need new licences for 1 September to continue to operate, but those that do but who have not yet applied need to get their applications in as soon as possible.  The Commission will use its best endeavours to process such applications by 1 September but if they are not licensed by 1 September operators will have to close their business until their application is decided.”

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