A year ago, Veronica Baena was playing online bingo at the Lomas del Mirador gaming hall, when she hit a €7.6 million jackpot. Twelve months later, she and her husband continue fighting in court with Codere, the company that owns the hall, whose latest offer of €110,000 was rejected by Veronica.

“Up until now, Codere only gave us €8,000, which we had to accept because of our daily expenses,” Veronica’s husband Angel Lopez, said. “We took the money and signed a receipt, but only as an advance of the court’s judgment.”

The claim was filed by the bingo player on September 25 after the company showed no intentions of paying her and no agreement was reached during mediation hearings. Since then, Codere has raised the prize up to €110,000, but it was rejected, as confirmed by Angel.

The company insists that the prize was granted only due to a “malfunction” of the machine and that the actual highest jackpot was €7,600, an amount they have already given to the family. Veronica, on the other hand, says she is willing to continue to the very end to obtain what she believes is a legitimately won prize.

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