Website launches Internet Gambling 'Public Outcry Campaign'

An article found on gives details of its ‘Public Outcry Campaign’, which was set up for all those interested in expressing their displeasure with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

On 16th April, Casino Gambling Web launched a page on their website that lists every congressman’s contact information by state. It contains a full listing of each representative’s phone numbers and email addresses, along with each of their office mailing addresses in Washington, D.C.

They urge everyone who wishes to express their displeasure of the act, to start calling these congressmen now. You can find the full list of all representatives’ contact details at

They advise that each call should not take longer than 2 minutes, and calling everyday is suggested. The more calls that are made, the louder the ‘public outcry’ will sound. There is more than 1 representative in each state and they also suggest that callers call ALL of their state representatives at least once.

They also give guidelines on what a caller should say, giving a list of Five Talking Points. For example; ‘Express to your representative that you should be able to spend your hard earned money in the comfort of your own home, for your own entertainment, however you choose’.

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