Woman Scoops £390,000 Platinum Bingo

A 55 year old woman, originally from the Phillipines, is planning to renovate a church in her home village after winning a humongous £390,000 on the National Bingo Game’s Platinum Jackpot play-off.

“I am not a British citizen and have lived in the UK since 1996” she said. “I work at the various jobs, including cleaning, caring and baby sitting and apart from paying my rent and buying food; I have been sending money every month to my family of nine in the Phillipines. I have really just been living from day to day but this win has changed my life.”

The assistant manager at the bingo hall had this to say: “She didn’t know how much she had won at first. I announced it gradually; first the house prize of £1,100, then the Regional prize of £1,664, the National Game prize of £40,000 and finally half of the Platinum Jackpot play-off prize, £350,104. By that time, the 2,300 people in the club were all standing, clapping and cheering. The atmosphere was amazing.”

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