US Fights WTO over Internet Gambling

The tiny Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda holds the cards in a dispute over Internet gambling that could ultimately cost the United States billions of dollars.

WTO are joined by the EU and Brazil

The next round of this ongoing fight takes place in Geneva on 24th where questions regarding the whether the US will ignore or try to thwart the decision by the WTO who ruled against the US in favour of Antigua way back in 2004.

US Concedes Defeat in WTO Online Gambling Case

The US has conceded defeat by declining to appeal Antigua’s victory at the World Trade Organization and has announced they are withdrawing their treaty obligations with respect to gambling and betting services.

US Antigua decision a snub to WTO

The United States last week decided to withdraw from one of its WTO commitments after it finally lost its battle with Antigua and Barbuda over on-line gambling. The decision has evoked a storm of outrage and concern.

Antigua hits back at US gaming laws

The tiny Caribbean island state of Antigua and Barbuda has taken the first steps to haul the US back before the world trade court in a long-running dispute over internet gambling.