PokerPlex Congratulates the Winners of Its Mighty MPP Dash Competition

PokerPlex Malta Ltd, recently gave players the chance to win ten great prizes with a Porsche Boxster being the top prize by playing in the Mighty MPP Dash Competition.

Neteller paying out $60 Million

Poker players and online gamblers in the United States are busy collecting $60 million but not all of them are thrilled. The money, you see, was theirs to begin with and has been held for six months

Gambling Banned in Second Life Virtual World

Linden Labs, the company that runs Second Life, said that as of this week, its policy on ‘in-world money wagering’ was changing, and that casino games such as black jack, poker, roulette and slot machines would no longer be permitted.

How to make easy money out of a WSOP winner

EBay has been known to see some rather bizarre items listed for auction, some even gaining international news headline coverage.

Bush ignores Jon Kyl's add-on provision to ban online poker

President Bush lashed out at Democrats this week for including non-war items to an Iraqi spending bill this weekend. But whilst signing the bill into law, he never even mentioned the internet gambling provision.

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